About Us: our story and mission at Sensory Joy

Sensory Joy was established with the goal of providing families who have children with special needs the best products and resources for raising their child.

The founders, who have two children with special needs, experienced years of frustration when searching for suitable products, which motivated them to create a company that caters to the needs of families in similar situations.

Sensory Joy has assisted countless parents in addressing sensory challenges faced by their children at home, including meltdowns, difficulty focusing, and mood swings.

Sensory Play: tools and resources for children of all abilities

We offer a wide range of sensory toys for children of different ages and abilities, such as baby sensory toys, early years sensory toys, and fidget toys.

Additionally, Sensory Joy provides resources for creating sensory rooms and dens, and offers special needs toys and resources designed specifically for autistic children with various sensory processing needs. All the products offered by Sensory Joy are multisensory, functional, durable, practical, and safe for use at home, school, or out and about.

Ensuring a bright future

In March 2023, OpenStore acquired Sensory Joy and will ensure that the brand continues to flourish with the same level of quality and service that the Sensory Joy community has become accustomed to.