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    How Building A Fort Can Help Your Kids!

    Building forts is an old childhood past time that has been passed from one generation to the next. Did you know that building blanket forts are beneficial to a child’s development? 

    Creative freedom

    Fortresses may build a home for children away from home. It can be a thrilling and enchanting place. It is a safe and private environment in which you can wildly encourage the imagination to fly. Purchasing a fort building kit will solve this!

    The design of forts also allows children to focus on their own imagination. It’s unstructured, highly useful playtime for youngsters. The use of pillows, chairs, and other things can be great for children however challenging. 


    Team work

    Getting friends or siblings encourages kids to function as a team, which is important at school or in the workforce later on. Playing a fort game with others also shows children how to organize what they do, how to act playfully without parental control and limited parental interference. It can be used by the whole family.


    Problem solving skills

    Failure is inevitable when building a fort. This helps children to develop problems and leadership qualities while working as a group. We want to step in to fix problems for them as an adult. But I’d advise you not to try if they don’t need support. Give them time and I’ll bet that they can find a way on their own to most of their issues.


    Critical thinking

    Critical thought is another great capacity to improve the construction of fortress. A fort is not just constructing itself. Everything must be planned and organized. There must be a lot of logic in the scheme and architecture. Kids must pick objects which can be used in the architecture around the home. Some things are going to work, some are going to not. It takes imagination, a lot of trial and error from the box thinking.

    Building a fort inspires children to apply experimental principles if you think about it. You must come up with a theory and constantly test the theories before one of them is working.


    Break from screens

    Kids have plenty of spare time. They try to break away from computers and electronics in their developing minds. And if they take the iPad off the brains claim the much needed break from the screen time.


    Sense of control

    Forts offer a sense of control for children as well. Children need something to help them feel in charge, and that’s definitely what build a fort games do.


    Autism benefits

    Any of you may be a parent with a child with autism or sensory processing disorder. You may find yourself a child. Playing build fort games will assist children in controlling their body and emotions. Strong forts are mostly semi-dark and sealed. Sound is buffered and tactile that can be highly therapeutic are abundant. 

    A fort will remove the noises and sights for which children with autistic or sensory sensitivity do not function well and allows them the physical isolation they wish for.

    For children, protection and power all revolve around. Children are searching for security and order. It is regulated and gives them the ability to regain their own sense of order as they create a fort. 

    Only bear in mind that a fort will foster your relationship with your kids, the most crucial part of making a fort. But one condition remains. During the process, the child must be responsible. You may help to inspire, promote and deliver what you want, but all this has to take place without the adult taking over the operation. It’s hard for us as parents to move back, but it’s worth the advantages of letting them develop themselves.

    Clearly building a fort for your child is a perfect way to bond, and develop certain skills of theirs. If you want to foster their development properly but don’t have the necessary tools or you just can’t afford cleaning up after them we recommend purchasing a Magic Fort™ Fort Building Kit!